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Accepting applications during the 2015-16 school year.  Team chosen and formed by Sept 2016.

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Starts 08.21.16!  A worship gathering of college students from many church backgrounds.  Sundays (during the school year) at 11 AM at Chez Hay in downtown Lincoln.  Just 2 blocks south of the UNL Union on 14th & P above Noodles & Company!


Starts 08.25.16! Discuss & grow with others in a small group bible study during the school year on Thursdays at 7 p.m.


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The Summer Gathering is a mix of food, fun, worship, sharing of stories and bible discussion. This summer there are 3 different discussion groups you can join depending on your commitment level.

1 - Low commitment. On any night you attend you can join a group of people to discuss a Psalm.

2 - Medium commitment. This discussion group is made up of people who are on our Summer in the Psalms Journey. The commitment involves reading a Psalm a day and writing out your thoughts, questions or response. On Thursday's these people will meet to discuss the Psalms they have interacted with in the past week.  There is a booklet that goes along with this group. These booklets can be purchased on Thursday nights for $3.

3 - High commitment. This group is a personal leadership study revolving around living a missional life in incarnational community. The guide used is "The Tangible Kingdom Primer" and the cost is $15. The commitment involves 10-20 minutes a day of reading, answering questions and/or responding in your life. You also need to be at the Summer Gathering 8 out of the 12 weeks in the summer.


Join Us

Thursdays during the Summer at 7 pm starting May 19th!


Most Thursday's we are at Lincoln Berean Church in Room D-203. There are a few Thursday's when we will meet offsite.  Refer to the schedule below the pictures to the right!



Got a question? Contact MattJared, Renee or Mike

Summer Gathering Schedule

All Gatherings are at 7 pm.

Date     Happenings                        Location
5/19     Meal/Small Groups             LBC Room D-203
5/26     Worship/Small Groups        LBC Room D-203
6/2       Community/Small Groups   LBC Room D-203
6/9       Offsite Picnic                       TBA
6/16     Worship/Small Groups        LBC Room D-203
6/23     Community/Small Groups   LBC Room D-203
6/30     Worship/Small Groups        LBC Room D-203
7/7       Community/Small Groups   LBC Room D-203
7/14     Offsite Picnic                       TBA
7/21     Community/Small Groups   LBC Room D-203
7/28     Worship/Small Groups        LBC Room D-203
8/4       Pool Party!                          Bowmans Home


College Worship Hour

Starts 08.21.16

During the school year college students from many church backgrounds and life experiences gather each week to ask questions, grow with others and pursue God. No matter where you are in your journey, we’d love to walk with you.



Join Us

Every Sunday at 11 am. Or come early for "Half-y" Hour at 10:30 am, an opportunity to connect with others over coffee and pastries.




Chez Hay 14th & P St. (Just 2 blocks south of the UNL Union above Noodles & Company)






Got a question? Contact DanMatt or Jared.

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