In the past 10 years students from Campus Impact have raised/given more than $114,000 both locally and globally to those in need. We have partnered with many local and global organizations such as The Hope Venture, Tiny Hands Int'l, World Vision, City Impact, Catholic Social Services, the Seed Company and the Lincoln Food Bank. We believe God calls us to participate in the restoration He is bringing in this world.

The 2017 Restore Project seeks to raise/give $13,000 to be divided 4 ways described below. How is God calling you to participate? What could you give?

When donating make sure you choose "College Restore 2017 Project" from the "Which Fund?" category.

2017 Spain Lamp Team

A team of 7 from the Campus Impact is going to Albuquerque, Spain again this summer to continue building relationships with Spaniards through the avenue of learning Spanish. This year one of the Spanish students will actually be returning to Lincoln with our team for 2 weeks in August! Our desire is to contribute $300 towards the support of each person going on this trip and to give $500 towards bringing the Spanish student home = $2,600.

2017 India Team

A team of 12 from Campus Impact is going to India this summer to visit Hope Venture sites and assist a church in Kolkata with their outreach on the college campus in their town. Our desire is to contribute $300 towards the support of each person going on this trip = $3,600.

Hope Venture Feeding Center

Kids are hungry all over the world. Some kids are starving, some kids are getting sick. Some kids are dying…someone dies of hunger every 6 seconds. The Hope Venture has strong partnerships with local people in India. Each feeding center provides a daily meal for about 50 hungry kids. Our desire is to fund a feeding center for an entire year = $6,000.

Hope Venture Backpack Project

We want to contribute to the work of providing backpacks filled with school supplies to the poorest children of India to help them realize their worth and give them the skills to break the cycle of hopelessness that comes with poverty. Educational supplies are required for school which families cannot afford to provide. To those looking to get out of a hopeless situation, these supplies can signify HOPE! Our desire is to provide at least 80 backpacks at $10 each = $800.

The Hope Venture is a Lincoln based non-profit that exists to bring hope and healing to some of the world’s most impoverished.  You can find out more about The Hope Venture at: