Today’s Summer in the Psalms passage is Psalm 111. You can read Psalm 111 here.

Great are the works of the LORD,

studied by all who delight in them. (Psalm 111:2 ESV)

When was the last time something captivated you? And I’m not talking about Pokemon Go. Truly, when was the last time something beautiful around you took your breath away? Sent shivers down your back and got you excited about the life you’re living? Maybe it was hiking to the top of a mountain, that sure seems to do it for me. Or possibly a well worded sentence someone said to you. Or maybe it’s just simply something you experience in your favorite hobby. (Biking always seems to hit me in that soft spot of mystery for our Lord). Whatever your interests may be, almost everyone has experienced the excitement of something new.

The Psalmist here is amazed at the “great…works of the LORD”. These works aren’t simply good, they’re incredible! And just as some things in life exude a sense of mystery and wonder, so do God’s works. In fact, his incredible works surround us through nature and our daily life experiences.  

Unfortunately, sometimes we lose our sense of mystery in our journey with God. The effectiveness of His works lose their freshness, become normal to us and make our relationship with Him feel stagnant. Our delight in Him can sometimes falter and fade. So as we hear and read the text from the Bible today, let us never lose our sense of awe.

As we hike into the same mountains or forests, like we do on Reach Retreat (Shameless plug-You should come this next semester over Fall Break. It’s a blast!) As we hike into the same forest, rather than growing accustomed to its beauty, we should look upon them with an awe-filled heart that God has created something so mysteriously beautiful and big. Not only are we called to delight in the majesty of God’s works, but they benefit us in our faith in God. We learn about the character of God in the following verses in Psalm 111 :

He is full of splendor and majesty; His righteousness endures forever (V. 3)

He is gracious and merciful (V. 4)

He remembers his covenants (V. 5)

He is powerful, faithful, just, and trustworthy (V.6)

These are all attributes of God that we learn by looking at His word. This truth of Him increases our faith & gives us a greater appreciation for what God has done in, for and around us. Let us rejoice and be glad that we serve such an awesome, loving and powerful God!

Take some time to experience the beauty and mystery of the works of God around you today & renew your sense of delight in Him.

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