Today’s Psalm is 34, which you can read here.

There are many times when I wish I knew other languages. Think of how cool it would be to talk to anyone in their own language! To never lose anything in translation. If you’ve ever studied a language, you know that everything you learn about the second language is done with reference to your first language. Sometimes you learn a word or concept that doesn’t exist in your first language…but the new concept is still framed by our first language perspective- it’s just hard to get around it!

Psalm 34 is an acrostic poem where the psalmist began each verse with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet (and worked through the alphabet in order). Each letter begins a half-verse. As I read this psalm I noticed short lines and phrases and I’m guessing that is due to the acrostic poetic nature of the psalm. Perhaps something is also lost in translation (the artful, soulful, word genius part of the psalm). Even though I cannot read this psalm in Hebrew and experience the artistic beauty, it is still a psalm full of praise and wisdom.

Click here for more about the original Hebrew text of Psalm 34.

The context of Psalm 34 is found in 1 Samuel 21:10-22:1. David escaped danger by pretending to be a madman.  The psalm is titled “The LORD, a Provider and Deliverer.” Let’s use this psalm as a guide to exalt the Lord together as we recall the marvelous things God has done for us in his mercy.

What is something that God has done for you that merits praise?

With that thought in mind, join me in remembering and worshipping the Lord:

At all times may I bless the Lord with praises.

Boasting in the Lord I attribute all victory to him alone.

Come and magnify the Lord with me!

Delivering us when we call, God is good to answer.

For those who fear Him there is no want.

Great is the Lord- taste and see that he is good!

How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.

I want to teach all people about the Lord and his ways.

Just seek peace; depart from evil and do good.

Keeping near to us, the Lord delivers and redeems.

Life is found in the Lord forever!

Using psalm 34 as a guide to my praise, I highlighted the phrases that resonated with me in an acrostic poem of sorts (using the letters A-L).

Now it’s your turn! I invite you to continue pondering the things the Lord has done in your life. Continue remembering and worshiping the Lord through the beauty of words and short phrases (poetry?!) Perhaps you can complete this alphabet acrostic. Consider using Psalm 34 and the letters M-Z to guide your praise.


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A graduate of Lincoln East High School, UNL, and the UNL Student Affairs Masters program, Alexis Lehman has been a part of Campus Impact for her entire life – her dad is our founding pastor. As an undergrad, she served in various capacities: A small group leader at Real Time, working in the office, and helping to plan and lead for several LAMP team trips to Spain. As a grad student, Alexis has enjoyed being a small group coach. For Alexis, summer means sunshine, being outdoors, cooking everything on the grill, and traveling. You can reach Alexis at