Today’s Summer in the Psalms passage is Psalm 65. You can read Psalm 65 here.

All I can tell you at this point of the summer is this: What a fresh breath of air this Psalm is after the past week of lament!  There are certain phases of life that lead us to become quite convinced that there is great scarcity that we should be concerned about.  If you don’t believe in God, then yes, you should be concerned about the scarcity of resources that will be available to you. It’s quite logical that you are stressed out at the current state of the world.  However, you that believe in God, relax, we know the Creator of the universe!  He’s got it under control.

It’s human nature to get really concerned about how we will get our needs met. We let our minds be taken over with the fear of scarcity. On a podcast, Michael Hyatt gave a truth which his wife reminded him of when times were tough or uncertain.  She said, “There’s always more where that came from”.  That axiom has been a fantastic reminder to me as I face all the “grown up” pressures of providing for a wife and child.

This entire Psalm was shouting this long before Michael’s wise wife, Gail, was reminding him of this!  The Creator of the universe has made things so that they would work beautifully together.  They work so well that there is an abundance – more than enough to go around.  

Focus in on verses 9-13:

9 You visit the earth and cause it to overflow;  You greatly enrich it;  The stream of God is full of water;  You prepare their grain, for thus You prepare the earth.

10 You water its furrows abundantly, You settle its ridges, You soften it with showers, You bless its growth.

11 You have crowned the year with Your bounty, And Your paths drip with fatness.

12 The pastures of the wilderness drip, And the hills gird themselves with rejoicing.

13 The meadows are clothed with flocks And the valleys are covered with grain; They shout for joy, yes, they sing.

What a beautiful expression of the bounty and provision that God has filled the earth with.  Why do we get so worked up?  We can rest. God is in the business of watering abundantly, blessing growth, and enriching soil.  He fills the pastures with vibrant life that oozes out and causes all of us that stop and take note to rejoice along with that life.  This doesn’t limit God to just providing food and water.  It applies to the feeding of our soul as well.

One question that I have as I see nature “singing” in the bible is that I’ve never actually heard nature singing.  I’m not really that frustrated with the metaphor because I think what writers are trying to convey is the harmonious nature of beautiful music.  Frequencies mingling together to create a whole new texture, which creates a new feeling, which leaves your soul in a satisfied state that you might not have experienced before.  When we step out into nature and see how God has created it harmoniously, we can’t help but marvel at the beauty and be satisfied deeply in our souls.

My encouragement to you today is to take time to soak in the beautiful singing going on around you.  If you haven’t been to a pasture, or the mountains, or a field of crops to listen for it, that’s fine.  Just look around where you are right now.  What people or things are resonating with the beauty and provision of our Lord?  What are you grateful for?  What do you marvel at? Let your soul join in with the chorus all around you.  Let’s join in with the silence and praise directed to God at Zion.  Let’s be satisfied with his goodness whether all is well, or all is caving in.  Trust. Rest. Be. Rejoice.

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Jared Hartman is the Campus Impact Worship & Leadership Pastor. He got involved in Campus Impact as a student way back in 2002, then served as a worship intern. He and his lovely wife Sarah have a beautiful 1-year-old daughter. This summer they are enjoying some traveling, along with BBQing and gardening. You can reach Jared at