Today’s Summer in the Psalms passage is Psalm 94. You can read Psalm 94 here.

Like other psalms this week, Psalm 94 communicates the sense that the wicked are triumphing and the unjust treatment of the helpless is unending. If God is the one who made eyes and ears, won’t he see and hear what is happening to his creation (v.9)? If God is King and Lord, will he permit a corrupt government to rule, to the extent that the government set up to protect the people uses wrong to defeat right (v.20)? It seems there are many things in this world that show how corruption takes advantage of people, especially those who are disadvantaged by the unfair systems of the world.

My heart cries out for justice as I am reminded that God’s people are required to “do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with [their] God” (Micah 6:8). But how do I view justice? Does it mean revenge and payback to those who have done wrong? Would that make me feel better, or would that even solve the problem? Does God “approve of those who condemn the innocent to death? No!” (v.21, TLB).  I have come to see that my culture and society teaches an understanding of justice that may look quite different from how God will enact justice. I pray that God will teach us how to love peace and how to rejoice in God’s just judgments. In addition to doing justly, we are called to love mercy and walk with our God. This is no easy task when I am hurting, or when we as a people, nation, or society are hurting.

“Lord, when doubts fill my mind, when my heart is in turmoil, quiet me and give me renewed hope and cheer” (v.19, TLB).

Jesus tells us: “Blessed are the poor in spirit…Blessed are those who mourn…Blessed are the meek…Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness…Blessed are the merciful…Blessed are the pure in heart…Blessed are the peacemakers” for “theirs is the kingdom of heaven…they will be comforted… they will inherit the earth… they will be filled…they will be shown mercy…they will see God…they will be called children of God” (The Beattitudes, Matthew 5:3-9, NASB).

I will leave you with three things I glean from this psalm and hope to enact in my own life:

(1)    We can pray that the Lord would teach us to be just people and reveal how to “do justly.”

(2)    We can remember that we are helpless without the Lord. He is our every breath. “The Lord my God is a fortress- the mighty Rock where I can hide” (v.22 TLB).

(3)    We can ask and allow God to be our rescuer rather than turning from God in anger.

Finally, I think we can participate in what God is doing to bring restoration to a world of brokenness. Rather than isolating myself in a bubble, I can enter into lamenting the tragedies and injustices in the world; I can choose to turn my eye to the suffering because God sees and feels the suffering. May God reveal himself as a rock and refuge, and may we be restorative people who show love to a hurting world.

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A graduate of Lincoln East High School, UNL, and the UNL Student Affairs Masters program, Alexis Lehman has been a part of Campus Impact for her entire life – her dad is our founding pastor. As an undergrad, she served in various capacities: A small group leader at Real Time, working in the office, and helping to plan and lead for several LAMP team trips to Spain. As a grad student, Alexis has enjoyed being a small group coach. For Alexis, summer means sunshine, being outdoors, cooking everything on the grill, and traveling. You can reach Alexis at